Elevate Your Performance

Lead strategic changes to boost individual and team results.

Elevate Your Performance

Lead strategic changes to boost individual and team results

“One Day or Day One, You Decide

Paulo Coelho

After a year of research, interviewing more than 365 overthinkers, from all over the world (33 countries, aged from 16 to 75), I wrote my first book Act Before You overThink to help people liberate their mind, become more decisive, and raise their wellbeing. Backing up my findings with psychological studies and behavioural sciences, Act Before You overThink offers practical and actionable strategies and tools to break free from stress, self-doubt and perform at your best.

What's The Performance Paradox?

Is Your Team Doing WEL?

How would you rank your team performance? Is it poor or excellent? Through my research I found that when performance is average (or worse), something is not going WEL.
Through my research, I found that to manage and improve team performance, it is essential to look at it through the prism of three distinct elements: the Wellbeing and Engagement of each team member and the Leadership level of the team manager (and at a broader scale, the leadership displayed by the executive team).

Elevating each of these pillars automatically raises team performance, producing sustainable and scalable results.

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Hi! I'm Lison

As an Author, Corporate Facilitator, Performance Coach, I am passionate about empowerment and fulfillment.

I help individuals and teams elevate their performance by providing practical and science-based strategies and tools to foster cognitive diversity and enhance decision-making.

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They Did The Challenge!

Boost Team Performance

Join me for a live workshop where I show how managing overthinking and overthinkers lead to higher productivity and improve your workplace.

Together, we will see why overthinking impacts the three key pillars of performance: wellbeing, engagement and leadership, and how we can get it under control to improve our results.

And Get Concrete Benefits

Raise Wellbeing

Higher employee wellbeing not only translates to higher performance, it reduces sick days, lower staff turnover and enhance team cohesion.

Increase Engagement

Companies with highly engaged employees have 23% higher profitability and are 18% more productive.

Expand Leadership

Leaders are called to decide. Without their overthinking, they can make better decisions faster and ultimately guide and empower their teams.

Become Limitless

As You Master These 3 Key Principles

The Success Revelation

Discover the untold truth known by every successful person and that is never shared

The Happiness Trap

Do you follow the "best" happiness advice ever given? Find out why 98% of those who do so, fail

The Golden Lift

Outsmart the system and boost your growth with the unheard-of 2-Coins Cardinal Rule

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