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Training To Elevate

Company training programs yield 218% higher income per employee1 and a 24% higher profit margin2 than those without formalised training.

75-80% of managers believe effective training is critical to project success, skill levels linked to business value yield a 10% increase in productivity3.

(1) ASTD 2012 State of the Industry Report – American Society for Training and Development. (2012)
(2) Digest of Education Statistics – National Center for Education Statistics (2020)
(3) IBM Training building skills for a smarter planet: The Value of Training – IBM (2014)

They Vouched For It!

Some of the great clients I had the privilege to work with.

“Lison brings a high level of energy, enthusiasm and empirical research to her engagements.

We invited her to host our team workshop as a thought leader in how to avoid the pitfall of overthinking and still make smart and informed decisions quickly.

We learned quite a bit about ourselves as individuals and as a collective group. We are now working on a healthy framework going forward, that marries up agility, stewardship and outcomes.

I strongly recommend Lison to others who are seeking to accelerate the collective potential in their teams.”
Lison Mage’s workshop was a game-changer!

Her insights on leveraging cognitive diversity for better decision-making and elevating performance were eye-opening. Participants loved her energy and her thought provoking inputs.

Some mentioned “I feel empowered to challenge assumptions and think differently by bringing other thinking styles in my world.

Highly recommend booking her for your event, her content is unique, refreshing, and you won’t find it anywhere else!!

Training To Elevate

From emotional intelligence to change management, aspiring and experienced leaders have to develop and deepen their soft skills to drive their teams and organisation to success.

With tailored training, going through proven concepts and practical exercises, participants get equip with the skills to inspire, motivate and guide others towards their shared goals.
To elevate and sustain high levels of performance, all employees should be trained.

Individual contributor must be equipped with some essential skills, such as time management and problem solving with critical and creative thinking, and managers have to be empowered by learning how to coach their colleagues and build a culture of accountability.

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Performance Skills Training

Time Management

In a world were most of us are stretched thin by so many priorities and activities, time becomes one of our most precious resources. Imagine what could you (or your teammates) do with one more hour per day? Without a doubt, plenty more.

Through this training, participants will learn how to reclaim and protect their time, to be able to spend it on what truly matters and make a difference.

They will discover how to better organise their days to achieve their goals without overtime, learn effective techniques and tools to overcome procrastination and low motivation and master skills such as delegation and task prioritisation.
Develop abilities to:
  • Plan and prioritise effectively to reclaim your time
  • Overcome procrastination with concrete and actionable techniques
  • Organise workspace and workflow to maximise productivity
  • Delegate and communicate efficiently

Build Accountability

Holding everyone accountable is essential to build a culture of high performance, however, it can be tricky to implement.

Through this training, participants will learn how they can demand accountability, without creating apathy, avoiding confusion and preventing blame.

To do so, they will learn how to establish and share purpose that bolster one’s motivation. They will practice detailing and communicating expectations, while enabling their team with agency to be pro-active.
Develop abilities to:
  • Articulate vividly a vision and the “whys” of activities to motivate team members
  • Communicate precisely the expectations and responsibilities of everyone in the team
  • Foster trust and engagement for collaborate effectively
  • Empower others by given them agency

Coach For High Performance

Coaching can mean a lot of things for different people. However in the workplace, it is an effective medium to enable others to grow and maximise their potential.

Through this training, participants will learn what workplace coaching is, the various benefits it can generate and how to support others with workplace coaching.

As they go through the different types, tools and techniques of coaching, participants will get to actively practice these through role-play exercises and facilitated discussion and improve their coaching skills.
Develop abilities to:
  • Define coaching role in the workplace
  • Master core coaching skills
  • Leverage frameworks to facilitate discussion and coachees’ progression
  • Empower others and improve their skills

Master Problem Solving

Nowadays organisations differentiate themselves by their abilities to solve problems, even the most complex ones, with innovative, fast an sustainable approaches.

Through this training, participants will elevate their problem-solving capabilities by learning how to deepen and leverage their critical and creative thinking, challenge assumptions, reframe perspectives and adapt in the face of uncertainty.

Fostering the intellectual agility of individuals and promoting cognitive diversity will create a culture of continuous improvement, breeding fast-pace innovation and ultimately leading companies to sustainable performance and success.
Develop abilities to:
  • Understand different thinking styles, their benefits, when and how to leverage them
  • Better problem-solve with critical and creative thinking
  • Uncover and prevent thinking errors
  • Challenge status-quo and improve decisiveness
Organisations that invested in their employee development are twice as likely to retain their employees1 and observed a 23% increase in productivity compared to those who don’t2.

In 2021, US companies spent an average of USD 1,280 per employee, per year on training3, while small companies (100 to 999 employees) spent USD 1,4304.
(1) Improve Work Performance With a Focus on Employee Development – Gallup (2020)
(2) The Impact of Training on Productivity and Wages: Firm-Level Evidence – The Review of Economics And Statistics by MIT Press Direct (2015)
(3) 2021 Training Industry Report – Training Magazine (2021)
(4) Average spend on workplace training per employee worldwide from 2008 to 2022 – Statistica Research Department (2024)

Leadership Skills Training

Transition Into Leadership

For many, the changes from an individual contributor to a management position are challenging and require to adapt to new team dynamics and increased responsibilities.

Through this training, participants will learn how to navigate these novelties and transition successfully to their team leader position.

They will discover effective strategies to assertively reframe their work relationships without negatively impacting them and grow their leadership skills, including their self-awareness, communication and emotional intelligence.
Develop abilities to:
  • Transition and adapt to new management role
  • Redefine and refine work relationships
  • Develop self-awareness and leadership
  • Change your perspective to match with new responsibilities and role

Emotional Intelligence

As one’s climbs in the organisation’s hierarchy, their responsibilities shift from tasks to people. Therefore, it is no surprise that – when surveyed – 75% of HR professionals stated that they would promote a high EI employee over a high IQ one1.

Through this training, participants will develop each sub-category of their emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and relationship management.

Not only will it helps them better understand themselves and their reactions, it will allow them to consistently be “above the line” as a leader. It will also enables them to connect better with their teammates and different kind of personality, to nurture relationships, improve collaboration and boost productivity.

(1) CareerBuilder US HR Managers Survey – Harris Interactive (2011)

Develop abilities to:
  • Better understand your emotions and thinking with enhanced self-awareness
  • Connect with others through empathy and social awareness
  • Master communication in difficult situations
  • Influence and lead teams

Conflict Management & Negotiation

All leaders know that – at some points – they will have to handle conflicts. However, it is not so much about reconciling two opposing views than enabling people to work together against a common problem, leveraging negotiation and influence.

Through this training, participants will learn how to handle and reframe conflicts, to navigate toward a positive outcome.

They will learn and practice actionable techniques and tools to assess the root causes of conflicts, defuse its emotional intensity and enable its resolution through creative thinking and negotiation.
Develop abilities to:
  • Identify the sources of conflicts and understand their causes
  • Mitigate immediate impacts of conflicts
  • Recognise type of conflict and apply adequate resolution approach
  • Influence and leverage creative thinking to negotiate solution-based resolution

Change Management

Are you a business leader or manager constantly confronted with the necessity to adapt and rapidly navigate change while keeping your team engaged and effective, even in the midst of uncertainty?

Through this training, acquire the mindset, knowledge and tolls necessary to adeptly plan, prepare, implement and sustain a change initiative, while developing your leadership capabilities effectively leading teams through the steps of change and empowering individuals to be more resilient and adaptable.

Ultimately, the ability to conduct organisational change is highly sought after, and an essential skill to be promoted and perform in senior or leadership positions.
Develop abilities to:
  • Understand and leverage the context under which change happens
  • Assess and manage people through change
  • Master change communication
  • Foster a culture of resilience and adaptability
Elevate Your Team Performance !

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About Lison

Lison Mage is an author, corporate facilitator, and executive coach.

She is passionate about motivating and inspiring teams and individuals to elevate their performance, by boosting their wellbeing, increasing their engagement and improving their leadership skills.

For the later, she specialised in decision making and cognitive diversity.

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