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Inspired For Impact Podcast

In this podcast, Lison emphasises the importance of wellbeing and how overthinking can impact physical health and sleep quality. The interview also delves into the importance of cognitive diversity in teams and how it can positively affect team performance.

Make It Count Podcast

In this podcast, Lison reveals one of the six most common types of overthinking and her top three tips to stop overthinking. You will also learn how to make a hard choice without overthinking it, and the role that mindset shift and values based approach plays in helping move from difficult choice to obvious answer.

Leadership Blueprint Series

In this LinkedIn Live, Lison explains why and how creating a support crew, what she calls a “Growth Network” is essential for success. She details how to identify the right persons and some strategies to develop and nurture this Growth Network.

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Multiple Hats Podcast

In this podcast, Lison explains that there are many paths to success but only in action as inaction always leads to stagnation. She shares more about her personal journey from being an engineer, to working for corporate giants like Salesforce and then launching her own practice to deliver corporate workshops and keynotes all across Australia.

Let's Talk About Overthinking Interview

In this interview, Lison uncovers how overthinking impact our lives, from wellbeing to decision-making, how you can develop your awareness about this negative mental habit and what you can do about it.

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Sero Boost - The Happiness Science Insights Podcast

In this podcast, Lison shares share her personal definition of overthinking, how it would affect our happiness, and tips on how we can overcome it.

About Lison

Lison Mage is an author, corporate facilitator, and performance coach.

She is passionate about motivating and inspiring teams and individuals to elevate their performance, by boosting their wellbeing, increasing their engagement and improving their leadership skills.

For the later, she specialised in decision making and cognitive diversity.

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