Manage Overthinking
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The 60-min workshop for leaders and HR managers to discover how thinking better boost engagement, improve wellbeing and increase team performance.

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on the 13th of October 2022 at 11:00 am AEST

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In This Workshop, You Will Learn

What are the consequences of overthinking for organisations?

More specifically what are the different types of overthinkers and how their overthinking strongly impacts their engagement and wellbeing, while invariably lowering their team performance.
Why is it so hard for overthinkers to overcome their toxic mental habits?

We will uncover what psychology and behavioural sciences teach us about overthinking, the direct implications it has to improve the workplace and better manage teams.
How we can apply the ACT model to reduce overthinking and improve team performance.

This unique approach enhances and leverages 3 key traits: Awareness, Conviction and Trust, to lift spirits, generate lasting momentum and achieve sustainable growth.

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Join my live workshop, participate and win a free copy of Act Before You overThink!

Based on more than 365 research interviews, I debunk the three myths of overthinking that hold overthinkers back from reaching their full potential, in their career and relationships – and offer actionable strategies and practical tools to break free from stress, self-doubt and perfectionism.

Winners are picked from the attendees list through a lucky draw.

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Live on Thursday the 13th of October 2022 at 11:00 am AEST

Overthinking increases active decisions not to speak up1, reduces job satisfaction2, leading to collaborators disengagement.

Companies with highly engaged collaborators have 23% higher profitability and are 18% more productive3.
(1) The relationships between work-related rumination, employee voice and silence, turnover intention, and job satisfaction in South Africa – du Plessis A. (2020)
(2) Job Satisfaction, Rumination, and Subjective Well-Being: A Moderated Mediational Model – Karabati S. and others (2019)
(3) What Is Employee Engagement and How Do You Improve It – Gallup (2022)

This Is A Must Attend If…

Your Team Is Full Of Perfectionists

They must dot the i's and cross the t's before moving on. They can only focus on one topic and deal with it perfectly. They simply cannot help even if they know it’s not always the most efficient and can also be mentally exhausting.

It Is Always ON!

You or your collaborators are constantly thinking about work. The next customer meeting, the next deadline, the next report. In the office, car, or bed - your mind simply won’t turn off to the point you can’t sleep at night.

You Face Analysis Paralysis

Confronted with a daunting amount of information, requirements and objectives, you and your team can feel overwhelmed, inhibiting decisiveness and decreasing productivity.

Giving Feedback Is Hard

Often it is ignored because overthinkers think they know better. When it is not, they feel like they failed and withdraw into themselves. Either way, it feels impossible to give useful feedback.

The Energy Tank Is Low

Even if the team is strongly involved, it feels they are always tired, moody and stressed. No matter the holiday breaks, team buildings and incentives, they are not thriving.

You Like Pragmatic Outcomes

You have no time for voodoo practice. You look for actionable and practical solutions, based on behavioural sciences and the latest psychology findings.

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Overthinkers are 5.4 times more likely to have anxiety symptoms and 5 times more likely sleep issues than non-overthinkers1, and have a lower level of wellbeing.

Higher collaborator wellbeing is associated with higher productivity and higher company performance2.
(1) Work and Rumination – Cropley M., Zijlstradu F. (2011)
(2) Employee Wellbeing, Productivity, and Firm Performance – Krekel C. and others (2019)

Lison Mage is an author, corporate facilitator, and high-performance coach.

She works primarily with technology companies to elevate engagement, wellbeing and performance by providing their leaders and teams with practical and science-based strategies and tools, to foster a growth mindset and enhance their decision-making processes.

Ex-engineer, she went through a massive career change after working on three different continents in some of the major software companies such as Salesforce and Oracle, to embrace her vocation: empowering people and teams to perform at their full potential.

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