Open The Box And Beat Uncertainty

Through famous stories of boxes, learn how we can gain certainty about our decisions, especially the life-changing ones.
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Have you ever felt at a crossroads, wondering whether you should change job or not? This is indeed a heavy and impactful decision, so we are all cautiously reviewing the pros and cons of such a move.

On one side, there is this new opportunity. A new position, a new workplace, new colleagues, new boss. That seems good on paper, but what if it doesn’t turn out as we expected?

What if we are not up to the task?

What if our new manager is making our life a living Hell?

Even if our current job is not amazing, at least, we know what we have. 

And this internal monologue can go on for days, if not weeks. We have this little voice that constantly reviews the same elements in favor or against our choice – and we struggle to choose. It is tempting to think that more information will help us decide, but, quite often, it does the exact contrary and traps us in inertia. What happens is that we fall for a pernicious aspect of overthinking: analysis paralysis.

In this state, we keep on gathering more data, but it doesn’t empower us to make a decision. 

So how can we “unstuck” ourselves? How can we avoid the analysis paralysis pitfall and make this decision about this career opportunity?

The solution is the common denominator between the crime thriller movie Seven, the famous Shrodinger’s thought experiment, and the myth of Pandora.

To find out more, watch the video.

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Lison Mage

I help clever individuals and teams conquer overthinking and perform at their full potential. Together, we can go from a place of uncertainty and being paralyzed by doubt to gaining clarity on your current situation, where you want to go, and how to get you there!


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