Job Crafting and its Fantastic Rewards

Discover how job crafting enables leaders to elevate and maximize the potential of their employees while increasing their sense of meaning and well-being
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Job Crafting Elevate and Maximize Employees’ Potential

In my last video, I discussed the importance to put the “Why” before the “What”. Namely, this requires to put meaning and “raison d’etre” first, because “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

Employees are no different to customers. In order to foster their sense of meaning, belonging, they must feel included in something larger than themselves. They must adhere to a project to feel aligned with their core values, with their identity, whom they want to be perceived as.

Employees are the companies leaders’ customers. This is one of the duties of leaders to serve and inspire them. By providing a clear vision, declined with specific mission statements, leaders can provide context to why employees are doing what they do, which leads to an increase of work meaning, in addition to their overall well-being.

In this video, I answer a common criticism that not every job can be meaningful, especially those labeled as “day jobs”.

It is commonly accepted that being a cashier for a large grocery shop or a pizza delivery person might not be the most emancipating and fulfilling jobs.

This disheartening status is a blatant failure of leadership.

Not only they failed at developing a top to bottom approach requiring to share the company’s vision (for instance, fighting famine and malnutrition) and mission (which could be providing affordable and fresh products to the greater numbers), they also failed to include the employees in their “adventure”.

They failed their bottom to top approach, where leaders have to gather employees’ feedback. A key notion to develop work meaning is job crafting.

Job crafting empowers employees by offering them the possibility to incorporate their creativity, their interests, and their other skills into their job, by slightly crafting their duties list.

Job crafting enables employees to maximize and express fully their potential, feel growing, and value for their unicity. This naturally leads to better engagement at work and obviously an increase in performance.

Learn More About Meaning and Engagement

To increase your knowledge on how to develop meaning at the workplace, I suggest reading the excellent book “Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action” by Simon Sinek.

Start With Why By Simon Sinek
Title: Start With WhyAuthor: Simon Sinek

I especially liked the chapter on “Why and Hiring”, where Simon explains that great companies to not hire skilled people and motivate them, instead they hire already motivated people and inspire them.

Consequently, a company that has established its “why” can more easily identify individuals that are galvanized by it, that believe in its purpose and cause and will immediately fit into the organization, because they will belong.

Employees won’t feel they work for the company, they will feel they work for themselves, for what they believe, at their core, to be “right”. When working under these conditions, employees are indeed more productive and innovative.

It will even go further as they will attract to them others with the same vision. Altogether, they will emulate themselves and create a greater dynamic, pushing the company to new heights.

If you want to know more about this book: “Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action”, use this link

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