How Great Companies Prevail with the Stockdale Paradox?

Leaders must embrace the Stockdale Paradox and convey it to their employees, to bring them confidence that no matter the difficulties, they will win in the end
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How Companies can build a Resilient Mindset?

Let me share with you some insights provided by Jim Collins, in his research book “Good to Great”. A key notion he detailed which is today, more than ever, on point. He described the notion called “the Stockdale Paradox” and how the companies that succeeded were all using it (even without necessarily knowing this terminology).

The paradox is named after a famous vice-admiral from the United States, captured during the Vietnam war. Prisoner during more than 7 years, Stockdale never lost faith that, in the end, he would prevail (namely, be saved and go back home), while confronting the harsh reality of his current condition.

This duality was also observed by Collins in “future” great companies.

Today, with the sanitary and economic crisis, most of us will face, leaders must not only embrace the Stockdale Paradox but also convey this message to their employees, to bring them hope and confidence that no matter the difficulties, they will win in the end.

More about “Good to Great” from Jim Collins

I highly recommend reading this best-seller book from Jim Collins: Good to Great – Why Some Companies Make The Leap and Others Don’t.

Good to Great by Jim Collins
Title: Good to GreatAuthor: Jim Collins

It is an excellent work that demonstrates, using extensive data researches, what are the characteristics of companies that were able to transcend themselves. Jim and his team did an amazing job to highlight patterns all these companies share.

Even if the book was published in 2001, the findings are still extremely relevant nowadays and will surely remain this way for the decades to come.

In addition to the Stockdale Paradox, another concept I especially like was related to leadership, which is ranked by level from 1 to 5. It explains how the best companies are led by a specific kind of individual called Leader 5. Not only the book tells us how to recognize these special leaders, it also explains how to become one.

If you want to know more about this book: “Good to Great”, use this link:

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