Gratitude Taught By An Octopus

We all know Nature is a great teacher, but we rarely think an animal could teach us anything - especially if this is an octopus. Find out how an encounter with a cephalopod completely turned around the life of a man in this video.

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Recently, a friend made me a weird recommendation. He told me: “Lison, you have to see this movie! It’s great. It’s the story of a man who kinda falls in love with an octopus”

And I was like – what? Is that a joke? 

So, my friend saw that I was not convinced and gave me more details.

In fact, it’s a documentary, called The Octopus Teacher. 

And basically, it’s the story of a man, Craig Foster, who burnt out. Life exhausted him. 

And the movie explains how he slowly recovered by diving every day in the ocean.

And one day, he encountered an octopus and decided to learn more about the animal. 

How she adapts in her environment. 

How she chases her prey, escapes predators, moves around the marine kelps. 

And Craig filmed the life of the octopus for almost a year.

Through the film, we come to realise how being in contact with nature helped the narrator to recover from his trauma even grow beyond them.

At every dive, Craig was discovering something different.

This underwater world was completely new, making him stop, look and reflect.

As he would say, the world, his problem, his anxieties, everything stopped as he was entering the water.

Simple things such as being touched by the octopus made him joyful and grateful.

There seems to be a truth we tend to forget. It’s that we can’t always be running, always be at our maximum pace.

Sometimes, we need to stop. We need to breathe and look around, so that we realise what we have. 

And when we are in a negative loop, we can still shift our focus on Nature and its wonders.

We can be grateful for tiny things. The warm sun. A beautiful landscape. Our feeling of freedom while we swim.

It just requires us to stop, even for a brief moment, and look around. 

And if you want to know more on how to foster gratitude, join my free course.

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