Gratitude Makes You Remarkable

Want to stand out of the crowd and be remarkable? Learn how to make memorable impressions with this excellent marketing example in this video.
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Have you ever stopped right in the middle of what you were doing because something caught your attention? Because something really surprised you?

Any marketer would tell you that this is a pretty common technique. 

To be so remarkable, so different, that you can only stand out of the crowd. 

That you naturally attract curiosity.

And this happened to me recently. In a pretty common setting. I was just browsing articles on the web.

I didn’t stop because of a catchy title. 

I didn’t stop because the content looked anything special. 

I stopped because I couldn’t see how the author and the topic would connect.

The article title was “8 creative ways to express gratitude”, and it was written by Grammarly.

Grammarly is a browser extension that proof-read and improve your writing. 

And so, at first, I was like, how these two relate? 

So I read the article and the connection became clearer. 

When you are grateful, it’s important to share it with others – especially the ones that made you feel this way. 

William Arthur Ward has a beautiful adage stating: “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

And when you want to really thank someone, you need a bit more than a plain “thank you”. 

You need to show enthusiasm. 

You need to carry a real intent with powerful words, like “you really made my day. It was amazing and I am profoundly thankful for your help.”

You also need to be specific. What made you feel grateful? Why did it have such an impact on you?

When you do these things, you will stand out.

Your expression of gratitude will be remarkable and memorable.

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