First Book (Coming Soon)

First Book
(Coming Soon)

The Journey

I set myself a challenge: to write my first book. And, to spice it a bit more, not in French (my mother-tongue), but in English.

The book focus on how to conquering our overthinking and make meaningful lasting changes.

As I progress through the writing, I am always eager to exchange with people on this topic to deepen my understanding, exchange ideas and listen to new stories.

Let me ask you:

– Are you a lot in your head, rehearsing the same thoughts?
– Are you reliving the same events, again and again, thinking of what you should have said or done?
– Are you meticulously planning future events, aiming to get everything done perfectly, but it can be source of anxiety or stress?
– Are you wishing you could turn off your brain sometimes, especially at night?

If some of these sentences resonate with you, you might be an overthinker and I would love to discuss with you.

If you want to help me in my writing journey and share a bit of your experience, please book a call with me.

Talk with you soon.

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